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Frequently Asked Questions
June 24, 2002

You say you still have questions? Well, of course you do! Did you actually expect to fathom the depth of the Master's depravity, I mean genius, in such a short period of time? Others before you have asked the same questions. Look below for answers and clarifications to the rules of the GOLEM card game. If you do not find your particular question answered, you may ask the Hunchback (me!) for enlightenment.

Q: If I have a VILLAGE MOB played on me and another player attacks one of my golems, can I still use a HIDE card and have my golem avoid the attack?

A: Yes.
The HIDE card is played when it is not your turn, so the VILLAGE MOB does not apply.

Q: In order to play a special card which attaches to a body part, do I have to have the body part already on my slab?

A: No.
The special card is put on the slab waiting to be used. For example, think of the brain as being in a jar on a shelf. You attach special cards to the appropriate body parts just before playing a SWITCH card.

Q: When I recall a golem back to the lab, can I "split up" the body parts and make seperate golems?

A: Yes.
The recalled golem is now inactive and the golem's body parts may be swapped among inactive golems as the player wishes. Special cards are automatically "unattached" from the body parts for later use.

Q: Can I SCAVENGE an opponent's special weapon cards?

A: No.
You may only SCAVENGE body part elements (arms, legs, heads, or torsos). Special cards may not be scavenged (not even the brains, which are "organs" and not "body parts" by game terms).

Q: Can I SCAVENGE an active golem's body parts?

A: No.
I think the active golem would have something to say about you trying to steal his leg.

Q: Can I look through the discard pile before playing a GRAVE ROB card?

A: No.
However, if all players agree to allow it, you may. If you don't find what you are looking for, pick the next best part. If there are no body parts in the graveyard, then the GRAVE ROB is simply discarded with no effect. Cards which are being discarded to the graveyard must be shown to all players before being discarded.