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The GOLEM Web Slab

Who are you? No, never mind that - WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Didn't you see the signs? You did? Then what part of ABSOLUTELY NO TRESSPASSING - THIS MEANS YOU did you not understand? Oh, the Master is not going to like this, not one bit!

You need not stammer explanations. I already know why you have come. Like all the others, you seek to uncover the secrets of GOLEM: The Game of Mad Scientists, Monsters, and Mayhem so that you may become a mad scientist yourself. As if the Master would ever share his brilliance with an upstart like you! As if he would ever allow strangers to pry into his domain! As if ...

Hmmm... You do have a rather large head on your shoulders, dont you? Probably has a nice big brain inside. Hmmm...

I will tell you what I'll do: If you promise to be very quiet and not disturb the Master, I will give you a guided tour. Just don't touch anything! Oh, don't mind these calipers. I'm just measuring your cranium. (heh-heh) Right this way...

Stuff On The Slab

So you want to be a Mad Scientist, eh? Well this section will help you out with general information about the GOLEM card game, the different body part elements, and a blueprint for a graphical view of how it all comes together.


This part of the slab provides information on how to purchase the GOLEM card game, a text-based order form for you to print and mail, and a list of vendors carrying the game.


This section has the latest news about what is happening with GOLEM, links to reviews of the game, a list of conventions where GOLEM will have a presence, and sneak-peek information on the upcoming Bride of GOLEM expansion set.


Have a question about the GOLEM card game? In this part of the slab you can find the Frequently Asked Questions and learn strategies for use during play. Still didn't have your question answered? Then ask the Hunchback! He answers questions about the game and life in general.


This section is a miscellaneous plethora of information to enhance your enjoyment of GOLEM. Here you will find links for further information about Golems, a list of cool names to give your creations (or your newborn child if you are expecting...), silly stories, tournament and variant rules for the game, and other weird stuff.


This part of the slab has the bios of the people crazy enough to put all of this together.

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