Graham J. Wills' Review

Subject: Re: Golem?
From: Graham Wills
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997

[GOLEM] is very fun to play, and I can play 10 year olds and enjoy the game.

[The artwork is] line art, but the quality is better than the page appears on my browser. The card stock is good quality and overall gives me a good feeling of value for money.

[Game play is] fairly random, but there are occasional important decisions - much like Settlers in that respect (cue flamewar). The basic plot is - build golem(s) and send them out to maraude villagers and attack other people's golems.

The crucial decisions I find are:

  • Is my golem strong enough to stay out and maraude ONE more time, or will he be killed by the existing golems?
  • Diplomacy - can I convince X to attack Y's golem or not to play that torch on me?
  • Should I lose one or more turns refitting the golem into an ubergolem, or just let it ride?
  • Is my hand really so bad that I have to lose a turn to do research?
Overall, an excellent game for everyone past Candyland. I'd recommend it highly. I have bought copies to send to friends in Europe as well as locally.