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GOLEM Variant Rules

This part of the slab contains information on optional rules you can use to make a different GOLEM game experience.

Graveyard Shift

In this variant there are four discard piles rather than just one. One pile is for discarded flesh body parts, the second for discarded clay body parts, the third for discarded iron, and the fourth for all of the other discards. This makes it easier to see which body part elements are in the graveyard for when you have a GRAVE ROB card.

If the graveyard piles need to be shuffled to form a new draw pile, make sure that the cards are thoroughly shuffled in order to prevent clumps of the same card type.

Slab Jumpstart

During setup, after shuffling the deck, deal 5 body part cards (flesh, clay, or iron) to the slab in front of each player. Reshuffle the non-body part cards back into the deck afterwards and continue.

This should give your players an idea on how to apply their greater genius at the start of the game.

The GOLEM Drinking Game
(must be legal drinking age to play)

This variant was contributed by Graham J. Wills. If you decide to play this, make sure that your hunchback assistant is your designated driver...

Whenever your golem makes an attack, you may take a shot or drink of whatever you are drinking to give your golem a +1 to his attack die roll. Likewise, the player of the defending golem may take a shot or drink of whatever he is drinking to give your golem a -1 to the roll. This can go back and forth until one of the participants decides not to modify the attack anymore.

Regardless of how many drinks are taken, the attack die modifier cannot go above +1 or below -1.

Steffan O'Sullivan's Variant Rules

Follow this link to go to Steffan's Golem Variant rules which include rules for trading cards as well as adding a Research Assistant and Guard Dog.