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School Science Fair

The Master has created a variant game to be played with a GOLEM set for young children whose addition and reading skills are not quite ready for the regular game. At least it keeps the little tater-tots from swinging on the lab equipment.

This rules variant for GOLEM: The Game of Mad Scientists, Monsters, and Mayhem! is copyright © 1997 Brandon Freels. All rights reserved.


To win First Place at the Golem School Science Fair by being the first Jr. Scientist to finish building three (3) pure golems. A pure golem is a golem which has all of the same type of body part elements (flesh, clay, or iron).


Remove all of the Special Cards from the deck. Shuffle the deck, deal out 5 cards to each player, and place the rest in a draw pile in the center of the play area. If a player ever has a hand of 5 switches at the start of his turn, he may discard the hand, get 5 new cards from the draw pile, and continue play.


Starting with the youngest player and going clockwise, each player will take a turn until a player has built 3 pure golems. A player's turn consists of the following steps:

  1. Draw a card
  2. Draw a card from the draw pile.

  3. Play a card
  4. Play a card from your hand. This card can be:

    • A golem body part played to your slab
    • A switch card to the discard pile

    Your slab is a workspace in front of you where you will be building golems. You may play golem body parts to your slab. It is okay to be working on more than one golem at a time. You may have extra golem body parts on your slab and may exchange body parts between unfinished golems as often as you wish.

    If you play a switch card to the discard pile, you may swap one of the golem body part cards already on your slab with one from another player's slab. For example: you play a switch card, give another player a flesh arm from your slab, and take the iron head from their slab which you need for your iron golem. You may not swap a body part card which has a chip marker on it. You must be able to give a player a card from your slab (and be able to receive one from another player) in order to play a switch card.

  5. Check for completed pure golems
  6. At this time each player should check the body part cards on his slab and see if he can make any pure golems. If you have a pure golem, place a chip marker on each of the cards making the pure golem. That golem is now considered a finished golem and the parts on it cannot be swapped or changed. The golem counts as 1 of your 3 needed to win. If a player has 3 finished golems at this time, they win. It is possible due to a switch card that 2 players make 3 pure golems at the same time, in which case they both win.